Ebony Troncoso Continues To Break Creative And Educational Barriers

This interview was released on April 30, 2020.

When we spoke in 2018, you released two best-selling books Mommy and Me, and Best Friend First, Dad Second. In 2019, you released Mom Has The Key To My Heart. What’s the methodology behind each book release?

I can’t say there’s a method behind each book release. With Mom Has The Key To My Heart, I focused on the mother and son relationship. My other books were dedicated to little girls and their relationships with each parent, but I decided to go a different route. I wanted little boys to see the value that their moms are instilling in them, especially as African American boys. I have snippets in the book where the mom is commending the son on his black skin, and other scenarios dealing with image and self-esteem. I did a kid sip and paint to celebrate the release of the book. I had snacks and paint for the kids to enjoy and have fun. Also, I was the youngest honoree at the Bronx Book Fair, so I showcased my book at the event, which was great.

As a school director, how are you consistently challenging yourself? I know you’re responsible for 27 school staff members and over 100 students.

It’s a challenge. Some days are great, while other days are a rollercoaster. I once had six people call off in one day. If you’re not headstrong, or a person that wants to work, then you’ll get thrown by the wayside. I don’t have it altogether, but it’s easier for me because I love to learn and I love the adrenaline rush of staying busy. I like the pressure, so it’s not bad for me at all. With my staff, they know that I’m open, but I expect excellence at all times. I’m a young black person in this position, so I’m learning every day. I’m genuinely committed to my work.

When you were creating The Girl Boss Brunch Experience, what were some of those main objectives you wanted to accomplish for the sake of inspiring black women?

When I was building The Girl Boss Brunch Experience, it was scary in the beginning. When you don’t know a woman, and you provide an opportunity for them to collaborate with you, it may not be perceived in the best light. When I had this idea, I created a list of people I followed on social media. Every month, this list would shift because I was finding more people that I wanted to collaborate with. All the people I reached out to for the brunch were open and receptive, which was amazing to me. I wanted The Girl Boss Brunch Experience to be about the women involved and their individual stories. It wasn’t about me at all. I needed the audience to see other women who are doing great things in the world. I sold out the venue as well.

Even in self-quarantine due to COVID-19, we all must find that balance between work and play. How have you adjusted to being at home full time?

Honestly, I’m still working. If I’m not moving or doing something that’s always keeping me busy, I get stressed out. Now, of course, I’ve been laying around, watching movies, and eating, but I’m still maintaining the same work ethic. I’m working on a book for a client right now, along with some other things, so I haven’t slowed down since COVID-19 began.

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